Info & Prices

Our range of youngsters, a selection of urban city bikes, come with just as much character as our vintage ones. Choose your favourite, hop on and explore the city.

Bike Hire Rates (per bike)

Half day approx. 4 hours: $30
Start for half day is 11.30am for afternoon or drop off by 1pm for a morning hire.
Full Day: $35
Start from 9am with drop off @ 4.45pm unless otherwise agreed.

Overnight hire (given there is safe and secure overnight storage)– $45 pickup @ 3 or 4pm - return by 5pm following day, or pick up 9am onward & return 9am following day.
2 Days: $60 (2 long days)
3 Days: $75
4 Days: $85
5 Days: $95
7 Days: $115
2 Weeks: $195


Lights: $5 Per Day
Child Seat: $10 per day

Delivery service available on request with a small additional charge.

Long term hire also available, for a month or summer break! Get in touch with The Vintage Peddler for long term rates.

Helmets, locks, & local knowledge included.

Bookings are essential.


Silver Bullet

The Vintage Peddler Bike Co Silver Bullet

This upright style bulletproof bike is great for getting you about the city. It has 3 gears (not that you really need them in this city) and you can easily cruise around with an extra comfy wide seat. You still have to pedal yourself, but riding the Silver Bullet feels a little bit like flying.


Red Devil

The Vintage Peddler Bike Co Red Devil Basket

The Red Devil is fierce but also a gentle companion to explore the city with. She comes with a basket to store your belongings, nice sturdy tyres and 8 gears for easy riding. If you see a red blur shooting past you in Christchurch, that might be her.


Red Devil

The Vintage Peddler Bike Co Red Devil Tray


Just like her sister, the Other Red Devil is fierce but also a gentle companion to explore the city with. You'll love the comfy seat and easy riding style.


Burgundy Beauty

The Vintage Peddler Bike Co Burgundy Beauty

If you like a stylish ride with a bit of speed, this is the girl for you. The L'Esprit beauty is a 10 speed with a super light frame.


Gold World Rider

The Vintage Peddler Bike Co Gold World Rider

The ultimate retro ride, with a gel seat! This 10 speed, slightly larger frame bike will get you wherever you need to go around the city in a jiffy.


The Vintage Peddler Bike Co Lindsay

Lindsay's our handsome taller chap with a large, light frame. He's a classic 10 Speed Healing who came to us from his original owner with the 1985 sales ticket from when he was purchased all the way up in Gisborne. He's a great ride for those blessed with extra long limbs.


The Ten Speed
The Vintage Peddler Bike Co Healing Single Speed

This Healing ten speed is now a single speed but the name has stuck. The conversion to no gears means this is a super smooth ride that whips along happily. The comfy seat, upright style and light frame make trips to the beach a dream.




Another red retro beauty, our KHS single speed will take you wherever you need to go, as long as it's not up a big hill!